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chapter vi, page 175
posted Mar.24.17 at 12:20 am

next update will be may 12th (postponing the previous update day just a bit for more content!)

as a reminder, or maybe news (i'm honestly not sure if i've told you yet) i'll be exhibiting at TCAF this year with the wonderful jessi zabarsky of witchlight!!!! her work is truly moving, beautiful, and magical, so please come and see us if you're able! we will have the cutest craft witch table.

i'll also be debuting a very special mini comic called The Clerics of Midsummer. here's a little preview~

it takes place shortly after the events of this chapter, while georgie & afia are still getting to know each other. while they're dealing with the frustrations of day-to-day life in the summer, they find solace in the macarons sold by traveling clerics. i'll have it for sale as a PDF after TCAF if you're unable to make it!

anyway thanks as always for reading, and please bear with me as this update and the next will be a bit shorter than i would like...i gotta get this other story out of me!