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Tending the chickens was a fairly easy job. Every day, Katya ushered them out of their coops into the closed-in fields by the house. This required basic skills with her staff - nothing too complicated, just little pushes of magic that would keep the chickens within the fence or pop them back over if they happened to end up on the wrong side. Most of the time she roamed the hills, following her cousins who tended the sheep, or she went exploring in the nearby cracks and crevices of the town. Googie, her exceptionally small Googtroll familiar, accompanied Katya on all excursions. But Googie took after her witch. Often, Katya turned around to make a comment to her little friend when suddenly, she'd find no Googtroll at all. As vexing as this could be, it usually turned out to be an adventure in its own trying to find the small familiar.