posted Dec.19.14 at 03:01 am

When Afia was younger, she didn't think much of her grandmother's seerstone. To her, the little glittering stone was an annoyance at night or an odd piece of jewelry in the day. But as Afia grew older, and her visits with her grandmother more infrequent, she began to wonder about the stone in her grandmother's forehead. Only few of her professors at Bakunini University had witchstones placed in their flesh. Usually they had traveled from other lands or rural areas of the Duchy to study there. Most Bakunini locals didn't trust the depth of the magic, as it seemed somewhat impractical to be tattoed with an uncomfortable stone your whole life. Its effects were unmeasured, and therefore, untrustworthy.

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Hey everyone!! I'm excited to let you know Zack Morrison invited me to do a guest page up on Paranatural!! Please check it out!! If any of you for any reason haven't read Paranatural, you definitely should. It's an enchanting and witty story with a really wonderful ensemble, and it's one of my favorite webcomics.

Happy Friday, y'all!