posted Jul.25.15 at 02:37 pm

Like most of Löffel\'s residents, Paolo had been raised in the temple. Between schooling and religious study, he\'d spent a significant amount of time in Löffel\'s charming little temple since he was a boy. While his parents and siblings were more casual Stargazers - the kind who only really celebrated during the New Moon with wine and fruit - something about the Great Cosmos had caught hold of him when he was a young boy.

When he was younger, Paolo had spent several hours in the observatory tower under the wing of Elder Astronomer Ernestine, who guided his eyes through the vast night sky and patiently instructed him. After she passed away, Paolo sought to become one of the Elder Astronomers himself to honor the memory of his dearly departed friend. Sadly, his work in the winery did not allow him time enough to study and devote to Astronomy. 

Nevertheless, Paolo was a devout Stargazer. In his spare time he studied with his peers at the temple, where they\'d caught wind of the studies of Elder Astronomers from cities and countries far and near. Once Paolo and his fellow devouts had gathered enough information, they pooled money to print pamphlets to spread the news of the New Star.

Paolo\'s heart bursted with excitement at the idea. Finally, the New Star would come to unite us all.