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chapter vi, page 180
posted Jun.15.17 at 11:54 pm

Hello!! Next update will be on August 25th!!
Thank u for dealing with me this wild time ;; 


Guess what!! The goog & balderdash! store, GOOG TOWN has launched!! I'm selling lovingly printed copies of The Clerics of Midsummer & Goog Town. Clerics takes place shortly after this chapter, so you get to see some closer friendship moments between Georgie & Afia, and Goog Town gives you a profile for some of the most important googs in balderdash! I'm also selling goog & cake stickers, sparkly character cards, sparkly bookmarks, and most importantly

napping Googie enamel pins!!


If you'd prefer PDF copies of The Clerics of Midsummer and Goog Town, I also opened an itch.io store!


Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!!